Vol 23 Chapter 6-3: The Limitless War of Wits(III)

“Five days have passed.” Zheng looked leisurely at Xuan.

Annoyance abruptly welled up in his heart, and he immediately started shouting while Xuan gave him a sidelong glance. He didn’t say anything, just continuing to eat his apple as always.

“Dammit, you’re not here for sightseeing, are you? We’ve already found the general position of the city. Why are we not going over? All those schemes and calculations you go on about… no more! We’ll break through all tricks with force! We’ll go in for the kill! If we see a human, we’ll kill a human. If we see a buddha, we’ll kill a buddha.” Zheng said loudly. Although he didn’t really believe his own words, he had to force Xuan to make his position known.

Xuan only looked at the sky. “The satellite my clone made has a slightly poorer performance.”

“Eh? What does that mean? Does that...

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