Vol 23 Chapter 6-2: The Limitless War of Wits(II)

“Team China… why would they do this?” Adam suddenly asked the rest. Everyone was stunned. They had just never seen Adam ask others before, and with a dazed expression at that. The past him would always smile gently while explaining whenever he faced any confusing issues or difficult problems. Him acting this way, was… unsettling.


Luo Yinglong suddenly stood up. He gazed into the distance, “Our camaraderie as teammates ends here. I’m joining team China from now on. Our Dao differs, and we can't walk the same path alongside one another. Next time we meet, we’re enemies. Return my Spirit Gathering Bottle to me. I don't wish to seize it by force. Lina. If you want to stay with me, leave with me. I don’t want you as my opponent when I’m enemies with team Celestial.”

The girl was dumbfounded, before an expression of awkwardness appeared on her. She didn't know what to say for a time. However, those around had slowly started to surround him.

Team Celestial wasn't numerous, merely numbering eight. Luo Yinglong. Song Tian. Adam. There were still four other newbies. Although they were termed ‘newbies’,...

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