Vol 23 Chapter 6-1: The Limitless War of Wits(I)

“Xuan, err, the Xuans, Adam, me and maybe Neos. Of course, this is assuming he’s still alive. The scheming and calculations between us five brains really does make the mind go crazy.” Honglu mumbled. He fiddled with his hair nonstop as he looked askance at Xuan.

That fellow really was leisurely, as compared to Honglu’s state that was completely devoted to contemplation. There wasn’t any bloodshot eyes or signs of exhaustion. As always, he was leisurely eating an apple while continuously fiddling with some small devices. It wasn't even possible to infer his mental state from his expression or actions. Was this the advantage of having no feelings or senses? Or was it because he lacked so much, that the heavens made it up to him with that intelligence?

(Is he a favoured...

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