Vol 23 Chapter 4-2: Resident Evil Begins(II)

“First, we need to determine our location. We lack a definitive destination in America now, as well as the other team's locations. We don't know the Seventh Underground Laboratory’s location either. If we run about randomly in this world, a hundred days will pass quickly. At that time, let’s not even consider victory. We'll all be wiped.” Xuan said to the rest.

Ever since entering Resident Evil Extinction, Xuan hadn't looked at those documents again, instead whole-heartedly pondering various problems. It could be seen how much he cared about this final battle ‘in meaning’.

“This is the first problem we face… locations! The second problem, the need to conserve Zheng’s power, is comparatively simpler. Zheng. You cannot fight with anybody above the fourth stage or any monsters of that level before you face your clone. You must do this. If my guess is right, your clone will do this too. No matter how high both of your powers are, you cannot easily defeat...

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