Vol 23 Chapter 4-1: Resident Evil Begins(I)

Team China…

“So this is the site of the final battle.”

Team China had been transported to a desolate semi-desert. The ground hadn’t completely turned to sand. However, it had already dried to the point where there wasn't the slightest bit of moisture left. All the soil in the surroundings was as such. There wasn’t even the slightest greenery, nor obvious structures. It looked like it was the same scenery all around.

As soon as they descended, Lan immediately spread out her psyche force scan, while transmitting the results of the scans to the others’ minds. They hadn’t had a psyche force scan for a long time, and the rookies were momentarily at a loss. Zheng on the other hand, closed his eyes in nostalgia.

“Lan, good job. You’ll be in great danger in the final battle. However, a large portion of our combat power needs to be sent out to fight, so Honglu and Liu Yu will protect you.” Zheng nodded at Lan.

Lan smiled sweetly. “Good,...

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