Vol 23 Chapter 3-2: Zheng’s Transformation and Entry(II)

“We planned to attack the demon’s nest first. After all, they revealed themselves first. But with the human, elf and dwarf armies then, they were too lacking in either numbers or quality. There were too many demons in the demon’s lands, as well as wraiths and magically transformed orcs. It was hard to deal with them, so for two months, Aragorn and I went to search for forces to join the human alliance, such as the already disappeared cyclops race, giant eagles willing to help, Wildmen and so on. At this time, a large elf troop returned from across the seas, all elites. Although there were merely a thousand, they could all use two arrow explosive shots and had battle-qi protection. Their strength was uncommon.”

“My Death-Defying Art was taught to me by the Wildmen. Their Berserker ability is more or less like my Explosion. They invented it so that they wouldn't immediately...

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