Vol 23 Chapter 3-1: Zheng’s Transformation and Entry(I)

Zheng’s Transformation and Entry

Zheng’s entry and return was instantaneous. A second before, Zheng had been waving his hand in farewell, looking leisurely. A moment later, another Zheng, this one flustered and panting, appeared. He seemed to be shouting something, and was mounted on a Nightmare. His hand was wielding Tiger’s Soul as well. Although his body was covered in wounds and his clothes were in tatters, he looked lively.

“Hahaha, you deserve it you idiot! I already calculated out the time to use Chaos! You thought you could kill me? You wanted to scheme against me, dammit, it’s not like you’re Chu Xuan! How could you do it so easily! What a joke, I can easily see through such a childish plot. Hahaha, I’ve been schemed against by Xuan so many times. How could this child’s play faze me in...

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