Vol 23 Chapter 25-8: Primordial Dusk and Chaos... The End and The Beginning(VIII)

(My comrades…)

Turning the clock a minute back. Xuan and clone were already approaching the domain of the Zhengs’ fight, and they could already see that distant cylindrical pillar shaped battlefield from their position in the sky. However, the two didn’t seem to have the intention to advance any further as they frenziedly exchanged blows there. Apart from Xuan aging, even clone Xuan with his Godseal Board to reverse causality was aging as well. They were like lamps about to be snuffed out!

Xuan suddenly put down his Gauss pistols and stopped attacking, only using his Bell of the East Emperor to deflect a few streaks of power of faith. He asked, “For what do you live for, my clone?”

“... I want to surpass it.” Clone Xuan put down his Gauss pistols as well, nodding.

“Surpass what? What about feelings?”

“You and I both know very well what it is I want to surpass. It doesn't have that beauty if it’s said out loud. As for feelings, that’s just a sign of being corrupted by a mortal’s wisdom, or the excuse weaklings give themselves when running away. Are you not even clear on this, my original? Or are you already corrupted by team China?”

Xuan seemed to recall something upon hearing that. After a long time, he said, “You just want to surpass? Still remember when father brought us to see the stars? That kind of thing…”

“My original, you really have been corrupted. Based on what I know, the rules of survival for team Devil is far superior to team China. Perhaps for normal human societies, they need to rely on being hypocritical and weak to placate the masses. But this thinking will be...

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