Vol 23 Chapter 25-6: Primordial Dusk and Chaos... The End and The Beginning(VI)

At the same time, Zheng was clashing with his clone’s Primordial Dusk, Universe Armageddon. Strangely, despite being able to tear through space, the black hole was as easily manipulated by clone Zheng as the black flames were. As Zheng charged at him with Chaos’s power and speed, countless specks of dust-sized black holes appeared around him. Tiger’s Soul was continuously robbed of its power and speed as it struck them. However, the black hole specks were unchanging whether in shape or size. Zheng didn't dare to continue using his body to attack seeing this, instead opting to use Tiger’s Soul to hack at the ground in between the two!

(I don’t believe these black hole specks can even defend the area below you! Even if it responds to my intent and can automatically defend, the defense still...

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