Vol 23 Chapter 25-3: Primordial Dusk and Chaos... The End and The Beginning(III)

Zheng’s expression was solemn. “I know your pain and hatred. But I’m not able to help you. All I can do is fight you fairly. Let victory or defeat be decided by our power. Is my conviction stronger or your pain and hatred? I chose a completely different path from you in terms of power. The attack just now was a fusion of Refined Qi and Magic, a mimicry of when Yin and Yang hadn’t been separated and everything was in chaos. I named this move Chaos. But that’s not my true Chaos. How about it? Show your Sinflame’s true power. Force me to use my killing move Chaos. Don’t tell me your Sinflame is as simple as burning. If that's it, how did those five broadswords appear and attack?”

“Sinflame is both material and immaterial at the same time. It’s a manifestation of the cruelty in my heart, and is related to the psyche. Unless you have firm...

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