Vol 23 Chapter 25-2: Primordial Dusk and Chaos... The End and The Beginning(II)

Zheng was enlightened. For him who had undergone a hundred battles, his battle experience was incredibly rich and wouldn't be any less even compared to his clone. He immediately understood the mystery of clone Zheng’s Sinflames in this exchange, especially when two broadswords appeared. This Sinflame… was even more miraculous than he imagined.

It took but an instant. The two times Zheng tried to retreat, he would be intercepted by broadswords wreathed in black flames. Now, five had already appeared, left, right, front, back and above. They all formed a five direction blockade against Zheng. No matter how great his power was, he couldn't break them. No matter how fast he was, he couldn't dodge them. The broadswords seemed to have precognanze, able to always know his intentions and force...

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