Vol 23 Chapter 24-5: The Incorruptible Xia!(V)

Not long after, Lin Juntian who had been knocked unconscious awoke. He didn’t know what was going on, until Liu Yu narrated it to him. He sunk into silence, mourning the loss of his fellows. They were all from team China, and he was just a rookie, weak and without the conviction to become strong. It could be said that he was the weakest in team China, even weaker than Liu Yu. Seeing so many powerful people die, there was a feeling in his heart that he couldn’t describe. It was difficult to bear and a sense of powerlessness, and he rather he stayed unconscious and didn’t wake up.

“Don’t overthink it. Not many of those who enter the realm have any superpowers, special techniques or are martial arts experts. The vast majority of those who entered, became stronger step by step from being weak, becoming stronger for the sake of living on. So, you don’t need to consider yourself too weak. Rather, you’re just too inexperienced…” Wangxia patted Juntian’s shoulder.

Juntian didn’t turn his head around, and suddenly asked, “Wangxia, why did you become...

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