Vol 23 Chapter 24-4: The Incorruptible Xia!(IV)

Although the insects had been injured from being at the explosion’s centre, they were still insects that don’t die easily. Dozens of smaller insects had survived the explosion, and were persistently going after Wangxia’s three as if they had sworn to rip them apart.

Although they were described as smaller, even these insects were over dozens of centimeters, such as a mantis half a meter big. It was definitely the kind that could rend metal apart. There was also a mosquito of length half a meter with its wings blown off. Its long snout looked like a sharp sword. It looked nothing like it was for sucking blood. Being pricked by it would open up a see-through hole that was palm-sized.

When Wangxia saw these insects coming, he helplessly threw a bomb at them. However, the shockwaves could only send them flying and wasn’t able...

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