Vol 23 Chapter 24-2: The Incorruptible Xia!(II)

The green Light of the Soul on Heng’s body flashed and activated, as the four or five large holes began to mend themselves back. It was just that the speed was slowing down the more it healed. When only two were left, his Light of the Soul ran out, no longer able to heal it. He spat out a large mouthful of blood, simultaneously turning his head slowly towards clone Yanwei.

Everyone else was stunned. Clone Yanwei’s attacks had been too abrupt and fast, without the slightest omen. She had only suddenly attacked when Heng took out the Sky Stick. They weren't able to see the attack clearly, let alone stop it. At this moment, Wangxia gave a roar as he began to create bombs while Cheng Xiao flipped his body towards her.

“No… don’t kill her, please… let me...

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