Vol 23 Chapter 23-4: Gather for the Final Battle!(IV)

Luo Yinglong let out a breath as his hands made a sword incantation. The Refined Qi in his body poured into that azure coloured sword without holding back. The Qingsuo Sword was the supreme treasure of Zu Mountain, with infinite power. It was much stronger by who knew how many times compared to his lifebound flags. Even the Cauldron of the Eight Trigrams couldn’t compare. It was just that with his current level of power, he couldn’t competently use the Qingsuo Sword. Even just controlling it used all the Refined Qi in his body. It was thanks to the Omnidirectional Samsara Formation that endlessly transmitted him Refined Qi that he could use energy so extravagantly. This was his special power he hadn’t even used against the fake Cultivator.

The Qingsuo Sword’s azure radiance became more dazzling the more Yinglong’s power flowed. The azure light soared to the horizon, as if it wanted to pierce through the sky, and formed a pillar of...

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