Vol 23 Chapter 23-3: Gather for the Final Battle!(III)

“It’s finally begun?” Luo Yinglong was sitting on his flying sword in mid-air. He gave a silent look towards Zhengs’ battlefield, before turning his head toward the southeast. A black speck was fast approaching from afar. With Yinglong’s eyesight, he could tell it was the enormous organic weapon… the Eva Unit-01.

“Wangxia. You all have to make sure Zheng’s battle isn’t interfered with. No matter what happens, you have to ensure it even if you have to risk or gamble your lives. Remember, remember! Otherwise, we won’t have a chance to live.” Yinglong quickly transmitted a few lines to Wangxia and the rest, before standing up. He raised a single finger, manipulating the flying sword towards the Eva.

The two were incredibly fast, and Yinglong was already a few hundred meters away from the Eva in the blink of an eye. He rubbed his hands together, and sword light densely engulfed the...

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