Vol 23 Chapter 23-1: Gather for the Final Battle!(I)

The battle continued.

No matter how many died.

As long as both sides still had a breath.

The final battle would never end…

As the remaining people of team China were embroiled in battle, Heng was in his own personal fated fight.

Heng was strong… If ignoring conviction, persistence, willpower and courage, he was incredibly strong in terms of pure power, enough to constitute a fatal threat to Zheng and clone Zheng. Even though his power unleashed fluctuated greatly, he was still steadily within the top five of team China. That was how strong he was.

As mentioned, his power fluctuated greatly. He was either so strong he could threaten the strongest, or so weak a woman could kill him… such as the woman in front of him.

Clone Yanwei and Heng’s battle had gone on for a while already. In the beginning, Heng had...

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