Vol 23 Chapter 22-4: Kong(IV)

Yingkong smiled lightly again as she dislocated Zhao Zhuikong’s wrist with a jerk of her hand, before moving to his arm. However, before the wrist was dislocated, Zhao Zhuikong had used his remaining, uninjured fingers to flick his dagger away. 

Zhao Zhuikong seemed to have given up on this arm, not caring about Yingkong’s actions. He used his other hand to smack the handle of the dagger in the air, the force sending the dagger flying to a weird position. He then pulled back the arm under Yingkong’s control, a abrupt twist easily snapping it. Zhao Zhuikong didn’t even seem to feel the pain, even laughing as he did so, his body shivering slightly in what seemed to be excitement, allowing Yingkong to dislocate the arm.

“Little apple… it’s time for it all to end.” Zhao Zhuikong smiled slightly. The dagger he had sent flying had somehow ended up behind his back, and it shot forward along his dislocated arm. Yingkong didn’t notice the dagger whizzing towards her due to the obstruction of the arm. In the process of dislocating the...

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