Vol 23 Chapter 22-3: Kong(III)

Normally, only those who had reached the early fourth stage could use Light of the Soul. Those who reached the mid fourth stage and overcome their heart’s devil would be able to personalise their Light of the Soul, such as clone Zheng’s Sinflames and Zheng’s Dragon Transformation. Every person’s Light of the Soul would display itself differently.

However, there were some exceptionally gifted people such as Hao Tian, who had a personalised Light of the Soul despite not reaching the mid fourth stage, and Gando, who could have his personalised Light of the Soul, an A.T. Field, by relying on merging with the Eva. There was also Zhao Yingkong and Zhao Zhuikong who also had it despite not overcoming the heart’s devil as well. These people all belonged to the category of either being exceptionally gifted or having unique circumstances.

Yingkong gave a light smile and continued, “I comprehended my Light of the Soul after merging with my secondary personality. Its name is Mirror...

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