Vol 23 Chapter 22-2: Kong(II)

Yingkong walked towards Zhao Zhuikong step by step, Excalibur in her hands. Zhao Zhuikong and her materialised in each other’s field of vision at the same moment, while narrow yet deep scars continuously formed on the ground around them.

Yingkong’s figure was crystal clear in Zhao Zhuikong’s eyes. Although she was fast, both had reaction speed and dynamic vision beyond that of normal people, and thus Zhao Zhuikong’s eyes continued to lock onto her despite her speed. However, Zhao Zhuikong appeared blurry to Yingkong. He would vanish from his position from time to time, flashing to another spot within her field of vision. In previous engagements, Yingkong had never been able to even get near him. Her main strength was force redirection and control in a melee, so a mid range battle wasn't her forte. A peak combatant like Zhao Zhuikong could ignore any mid range attacks of hers.

Thus, she had to...

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