Vol 23 21-4: Luo Yinglong’s True Character(IV)

Luo Yinglong sped along, but the direction he went off in was slightly different from Gando’s. This made him feel slight doubtful. When someone’s power reached a certain level, there would be a certain sensitivity to powerhouses in combat, such as now when Yinglong could sense a tremendous pressure from far off. The battle of the Zhengs was a battlefield which surpassed the Xuans. It was the fight for the main character destiny, and the objective of this world, no the entire God’s Realm, and the true aim of the final battle. The pressure they were letting off was enough to draw all who had unlocked the fourth stage in. Thus, why would Gando instead be going further and further away with his power? Did he have something else to do?

(Maybe… just maybe he had a poor sense of direction? If so, then that would be awesome! If he only reaches after the Zhengs decide victory, wouldn’t I be saved? Hahaha…)

Yinglong rejoiced in his heart. He suddenly saw Sky Sticks that were flying not far in front of him. When he got closer, he saw it was Wangxia, Liu Yu, Juntian and a heavily injured Yanwei. They were squeezing on two Sky Sticks, and this cramped formation made Yinglong frown.

“Luo, Luo Yinglong?!” Wangxia’s eyes were sharp, and he immediately saw Yinglong. In the...

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