Vol 23 Chapter 20-5: The Main Battlefield... and Each's Fight(V)

Imhotep and Hao Tian’s faces carried traces of lingering fear. The Xuans’ attacks just now was different from Hao Tian’s Holy Light. It was a type of attack that annihilated energy. Within the gorge left behind, other than the rocks blown away by the shockwaves, everything within had been obliterated by the power of faith. If it had landed on them... They weren’t unable to imagine it. They just didn’t dare to.

The two were afraid and immediately began to use their maximum power. Under that pressure to survive, the two didn’t intend to hold back. Stay away from Xuan if you cherished your life. This wasn’t just a pretty slogan for team China and team Devil that had both suffered under Xuans.

“Did you know? There are many secrets behind Holy Light. It’s one of the most pinnacle forms of Light of the Soul. The only Light of...

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