Vol 23 Chapter 20-4: The Main Battlefield... and Each's Fight(IV)

In the battle between team China and team Devil’s main combat force, everyone’s battle outside of Xuans’ was reaching the climax.

Team China also had someone who had gotten a devil fruit enhancement, Imhotep. He was an undead created using secret rune arts from ancient times. He could not only transform into sand, but also use various secret arts from ancient Egypt. As long as he still had energy, his body would revive without end. However, after spending time in the realm, he knew that there were countless strong people here. His ability may be invincible against ordinary people, but to the peak of the realm, like Zheng, clone Zheng, Xuan and so on, he may be killed instantaneously. After so many movies with team China, he had gotten an enhancement that complemented his innate ability, the Sand-Sand Fruit, also known as the Suna Suna no Mi.

Together with his energy reserves that were over a hundred times that of a human’s, his huge momentum...

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