Vol 23 Chapter 20-3: The Main Battlefield... and Each's Fight(III)

Cheng Xiao gave a shout, but his voice wasn’t able to escape the roaring of the tornado. However, the wind pressure around his body spiked up in intensity, and more wind began to flow in his surroundings along the tornado’s revolution. The power of the wind flow was already no longer something Cheng Xiao could control, and it was simply like it was madly spinning him around now instead.

(Synergising with wind… This feeling is like you’re the wind itself. No matter how many changes there are to the wind flow, I am within it, I am the wind… I’m not controlling the wind, but guiding it, transforming this tornado entirely into my strength!)

Slowly, a disharmonious motion, which didn’t follow the motion of the tornado’s revolution, appeared within the tornado. It was instead slanted and the air was flowing from up to down, slowly deviating from the vertical form of...

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