Vol 23 Chapter 2-5: Companions(V)

Wangxia was this sort of person. He was perhaps the most selfless person in God’s Realm, while the most selfish at the same time. It was hard for him to not be different from the rest since he had entered God’s Realm through hypnosis. He had abandoned safety and the peaceful real world for his country to enter this terrifying and dangerous realm. He may no longer have had even the chance to return, and may also have had a miserable death. After all, there were many horror movie worlds. Apart from natural disaster movies like The Perfect Storm, there were ghosts, Aliens, viruses and so on. Entering this Realm with foreknowledge of this required tremendous courage.

Wangxia was such a man, a man who lacked resentment and regrets. As a soldier, he had his glory and responsibilities, so he trained like crazy. This was all in order for the victory in the final battle and for the possibility of returning to the real world. He had to become stronger for all this!

For some unknown reason, he gradually noticed some changes in his Bomb Dominator ability as his personal strength rose and he kept using it. The demon energy...

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