Vol 23 Chapter 2-3: Companions(III)

The final battle approached. It wasn’t only Yingkong who had the thought of becoming stronger and resolving the confusion in her inner heart, but everyone. After all, no one knew what the final battle’s conclusion would be. Facing team Devil and team Celestial and the rest of God’s Realm’s teams, made this battle far more dangerous than any before. Everyone had a chance of death. Thus, it was important to settle any sorts of wishes before that.

Zero crawled noiselessly on the ground, looking at the distant shooting target. With a light squeeze of the Gauss sniper rifle, the distant target splintered into pieces, accompanied by a loud bang that spread through the entire basement.

The Gauss sniper rifle’s strength was boundless. It was a weapon originally developed to attack satellites in outer space. Its strength was hence naturally great. It used electromagnetism as its driving force, using it to propel bullets out by accelerating it to the limit through electromagnetism. Its kinetic energy...

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