Vol 23 Chapter 2-2: Companions(II)

“I’ve foooouuuunnnnndddd you!” Cheng Xiao roared as he banged continuously on Xuan's room door. His face was contorted with rage, looking positively murderous. His shirt had specks of blood on it, while his pants had two large gashes on it, the dried blood looking dark red and practically covering over half the pants.

“I’ve come for you! Xuan, open up! I want to kill you!” Cheng Xiao’s face was full of anger, looking incredibly ferocious.

“The gauntlets you gave me! You said it would be usable once rank B wind energy stones were mounted! Damn, it was indeed strong when I mounted in two wind energy stones… But, why was it so uncontrollable?! It drew the wind TOWARDS me and nearly castrated me there and then! Open the door for me, idiot!”

Cheng Xiao pounded on the door again at this point. However, he hadn’t expected the door to actually open with a bang. Unprepared, Cheng Xiao stumbled...

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