Vol 23 Chapter 2-1: Companions(I)

Yingkong stood blankly below God, her eyes unfocused. It wasn’t her genetic constraint being unlocked, but a true listless silence. She seemed to be at a loss.

Yes. She was truly at a loss. It was partially because they had gained so much points in the previous movie. Together with the ranked rewards she had, she could absolutely exchange for very strong enhancements or abilities. But when faced with all this, she felt at a loss… This sort of feeling was the same when it came to her inner heart.

Her memories were fake… Everything was merely a fiction simulated by her main personality. The memories and truth had the same ending, but absolutely different characters. Should she hate him? Or was there still enmity between them? She didn't know...

As she saw the final battle slowly approaching, this feeling got stronger and stronger. She was completely at a loss about what to do for the final battle, which was why she was silently standing here.

“My main personality… Am I just a stand-in...

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