Vol 23 Chapter 19-3: Imperfect Scheme and... Adam is Eaten!(III)

At the same moment Zero died, Tengyi suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood. Fresh blood continued to flow from his ears, nose, eyes, mouth, and especially his forehead. The blue veins looked rather disturbing, as if his head was splitting apart. The man smiled slightly as he crumpled to a kneel on the ground. The rope on his wrist automatically came apart and flew towards the horizon.

(My whole life… All I’ve wanted is peace of mind. Grave robbing isn’t what I wanted. I just wanted to restore all those countless treasures… Too bad I didn’t have a chance to return to the real world to fulfil my dream or atone for my sins. But… it’s not that bad to die fighting for my comrades… Goodbye, my comrades. Let’s meet again if there’s another life after this…)

Simultaneously calculating the trajectory for Zero and the data for the heavy hydrogen had overloaded him by too much. Enduring it till now before it flared up was the limit of his abilities. This was the achievement he had exchanged for with his life. But had it brought them success?

In the distant sky, the shockwaves had disappeared. The entire space was twisting, similar to how light distorted in high temperatures. There was even a enormous crater in the ground as if a meteor had fallen, but yet there wasn’t even a speck...

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