Vol 23 Chapter 18-4: Honglu's Resolve(IV)

As the body flew towards team China, several arrows from Yanwei punched a few holes in it as soon as it exited the grass. He had still had a little life in him before, but he was now completely dead. It didn't end there as Honglu had at some unknown point taken out a wooden staff, sending a fireball slamming into the corpse with a few muttered incantations. The corpse turned into flying ash with a boom.

Both sides were risking their lives now, and a moment's distraction could lead to death. Only a few seconds had passed, and there was no time to talk. Both sides only wanted to take the other’s lives.

As the dragon wailed tragically, a giant shadow suddenly appeared high up in the air. It was a metal humanoid, which immediately sent a punch at Tom who was behind the metal wall as soon as it made its appearance....

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