Vol 23 Chapter 18-3: Honglu's Resolve(III)

Honglu didn't have any time left to grumble. The two sides could see one another now, separated by just two hundred meters. Team Devil was located within grass tall enough to hide a person within, while team China was walking from the buildings towards the grass, making team China seemingly have a terrain disadvantage. However, the mental states of the two sides were different. Those of team Devil only wanted to flee, and they definitely possessed cowardice since they had been forced into battle. Team China was prepared on the other hand. They were originally risking their life to act as bait, so whether they died or not was no longer a problem. So, why not just drum up their courage and have a good fight?

Still, not all six were unanimous in this thinking. Anck-Su-Namun was immediately panicked upon realising she was bait. She kept looking around, seemingly...

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