Vol 23 Chapter 17-2: Incomplete Instrumentality(II)

(What did that mean? What were those words? A message from the Saints? No, the tone didn't seem so. It was about creating the world and its history. Could it be! A message from the box creator? Why did he leave such a message? Did someone, no, Adam, obtain the box creator’s inheritance?) Honglu’s heart began to beat madly upon hearing this information.

The greatest misgivings he had until now when it came to scheming himself was whether Adam had obtained the Saint or Cultivator’s inheritance.

In the power ranking of God's Realm, the weakest was an individual, such as an ordinary person or a slightly stronger soldier. Then, it would be those who had God’s skills or enhancements. Slightly stronger would be those who had unlocked the genetic constraint as well. The strongest would be those who not only had exchanged skills...

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