Vol 23 Chapter 16-7: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(VII)

“ZHANG HENG! Stay there! Die with me!” Clone Yanwei’s voice incessantly sounded from behind. She was giving chase on the street while carrying a giant shining bow. The shine wasn’t limited to the bow, but her body as well. It multiplied her speed by over tenfold, making her look like a human shaped race car racing down the road.

Far in front of her, Heng was giving his all to run. His body was covered in a green light unlike clone Yanwei. He had long since learnt the method to spread the elven energy in A Nightmare on Elm Street. He could freely use it after undergoing countless training since then. However, the first time he used it, it ended up being for running instead of the passionate battle he had been expecting.

“Not running!” Heng shouted. “It’s to avoid the Xuans’ battle. You saw it right? Those buildings just collapsed for no reason! Do you think you can survive...

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