Vol 23 Chapter 16-6: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(VI)

Just as Imhotep used all his power to risk his life in battle, Cheng Xiao was jumping in joy on his side. He was fighting a pretty young girl in traditional Chinese clothes. Although she was on the delicate side, it made people more fond of her. She was obviously a budding beauty who had just left her loli years and hadn’t become a young woman yet.

“Fight with me! Why are you running so fast?” The girl was moving from rooftop to rooftop of the tall buildings. She was very light-footed, easily covering a hundred meters with each jump. Cheng Xiao’s expression was turning green. He completely ignored the girl as he continuously raced down the street.

“Hey! I’m talking to you! You’re not mute, are you?” The girl finally couldn’t endure it. She leapt to Cheng Xiao’s front,...

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