Vol 23 Chapter 16-3: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(III)

“Hah? You’re that fellow who wanted to join the Zu Mountain Sect, but didn't succeed as your potential was too low? I seem to recall something about that.”

Yinglong looked at the man stepping on a sword, his face filled with surprise. It wasn't faked, as he had indeed heard from his master about someone also from another world who had seeked apprenticeship just like him. Unfortunately, his lineage hadn't been pure amd he had been from another race. His master had thus used the matter of potential to fob him off. Otherwise, the realm might have had another true Cultivator appear.

The other man really did have the appearance of having sword-like brows and star-like eyes. That together with his manner of dress made him seem like a Cultivator even more than Yinglong. He was immediately enraged upon hearing that, “Shut...

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