Vol 23 Chapter 16-2: FIGHT! Complete Eruption!(II)

“That’s not right! Something is inside that missile!”

Adam was currently inscribing a magic formation that wasn't too complex on the ground. The Spear of Osiris from The Mummy was displayed within it. It wasn’t a limited item in God’s Realm, with even Zheng having one. Anyone who went through the movie would have a certain chance of obtaining the weapon. However, no one would expect it was the spear that could pierce through the soul and body, the Spear of Longinus. [1]

“Correct. There are many copies of it. Every one is real… while fake at the same time. The spear is just a key. The Saints and Alchemists were afraid of their ruins being forgotten, or the item not being recoverable after the ruins were found. That’s why so many were made. Perhaps, the spear that pierced Christ in history was one that circulated from the realm. This is...

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