Vol 23 Chapter 14-4: Split up! Battle!(IV)

“Our main combat force? What does that mean?” Zheng was holding the mage from team Devil in one hand as he asked the close by Xuan curiously. When Xuan had been telling him the arrangements for what came next, he had mentioned a ‘main combat force’, which had prompted Zheng to ask with some displeasure.

“It’s what you think it is.” Xuan made a gesture with his hand. “Many of team China are weak in terms of power. In the past, we oftentimes had to organise them together in order to be able to fight team battles and allow them to completely display their power. This isn’t a very big problem in normal movies, but in this final battle where we’re pitting ourselves against team Devil, I’m sorry, they’re just not that useful.”

“Continue.” Zheng’s mouth opened and closed, as...

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