Vol 23 Chapter 14-3: Split up! Battle!(III)

Someone said that carefully.

Six gazes were directed at Tom’s face. He was the longest veteran after all, even surpassing the leader clone Zheng in length. There were some matters he knew the inside details on. As people with prior experience as clone Xuan’s pawns, what they wanted to know the most now was whether they could survive this mission or final battle.

“Ah, team China. It’s been so long since the previous battle with them.” Tom shut his eyes and sighed, seemingly reminiscing something. After a long while, he finally spoke. “We overwhelmingly annihilated team China the last time we met them. Still, some among us died. The team China then was extremely weak. Although they had a strategist then, he was nothing but a mortal’s wisdom as compared to Xuan. Although we don’t know how we let team China’s Zheng manage to flee with his life intact, such a team that was wiped out completely was basically unsalvageable. They would have to slowly gather...

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