Vol 23 Chapter 13-3: The Human Instrumentality Project(III)

Luo Yinglong immediately cried out in panic when Xuan said these words. He began to rub his body in panic. After a long while, he began to roar in joyous laughter. After a few laughs he recovered then began to scold Adam for being a trickster. He seemed like he had forgotten everyone’s presence around him.

“Let me warn you before I explain… Adam is dangerous. Verily so. You all must have the determination to die if you all fight him.”

“Why? How powerful is he? I don’t know even now.” Luo Yinglong tilted his head when he heard that.

“I’ll continue about the Chronicles of Narnia first.”

Zheng hurriedly held back Luo Yinglong who was angrily charging forward. He smiled bitterly, saying, “Everything needs to be said carefully. Tell us Adam’s strength...

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