Vol 23 Chapter 12-6: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(VI)

The melee combatant laughed ferociously, and slammed Richard into the wall with a jerk of his hands. He proceeded to use his right shoulder to press down heavily on Richard. An enormous force that was manifolds greater than a tank’s not only flattened Richard into a meat paste, but even created a crater in the wall approximately three square metres in area.

Neos was at the distant end of the passageway. The wounds he had suffered before weren’t light, and even if he took advantage of the chaos to flee, he couldn’t go far. The two from team Devil’s power had far exceeded his expectations, especially in these circumstances where it was a head-on fight without schemes or arrangements put in place. That was the worst possible conclusion for him. Also, he no longer had the desire to battle, and was instead thinking constantly about a way to leave behind the information. So, he just sat there on his knees. If Richard lost, he would definitely...

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