Vol 23 Chapter 12-5: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(V)

Neos spat out a huge glob of blood. He was half-kneeling on the ground, and his right hand used the trident to stand up again with great difficulty. However, the melee combatant didn’t give him time to react, rushing forward once again. A distance of ten meters was once that didn’t even need a second to cover under pressing circumstances. However, just as he crossed half of it, the ground suddenly erupted and an axe shot up from below. The melee combatant hurriedly leapt back.

However, despite how fast he avoided it, that sudden axe was still able to shave off half his right foot. It all happened in but an instant, and Richard had already jumped up from the lower floor to before Neos before he could recover from his surprise.

“I’m late. I almost died to a sudden punch of his just now. I spent a long time after looking for him before noticing about up here… Are you alright, Neos?” Richard stared steadfastly at the melee combatant. Although he was spoke arrogantly and seemed to be lacking in the brains department, he was definitely a strong person. He was even one that had likely unlocked the...

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