Vol 23 Chapter 12-4: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(IV)

“We really have no path of retreat left…” This feeling gradually birthed in the hearts of team Africa whether they admitted it or not.

The two from team Devil were indeed as Neos analysed, one magic user and one melee combatant. Their strength wasn’t poor either. The magic user had actually taken advantage of the smoke to hide, while the melee combatant rushed forward to welcome them fearlessly.

The melee combatant’s enhancement was quite the strange one. He would become more powerful as he was attacked. It was unknown what extent the increase in power was and how long he could maintain it, but team Africa had currently indeed met a powerful opponent.

“SO! You wish to continue running?” The melee combatant from team Devil was dragging along the armoured man from team Africa, as he stood before Neos and the rest. He had...

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