Vol 23 Chapter 12-2: Face Off between Brother and Sister... and Team Africa's Final Song(II)

The fission gun was a rank CC tier of sci-fi weaponry. The power could be adjusted based on the usage, and it had unlimited ammo. At its most powerful, it was equal to a middle-sized high-powered explosive, while at its weakest it wasn't weaker than a small-sized high-powered explosive. It was just that its range was rather limited, with a maximum of five hundred metres. It paled in comparison to other rank C sci-fi weaponry. It was only slightly more impressive in group battles.

Thus, all the teams had treated it as something that looked impressive but wasn't very practical. Almost no one exchanged it, other than newbies with poor strength who hurriedly exchanged an item as soon as they got ranked rewards, or powerful veterans who exchanged it to test it out when they had too many...

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