Vol 23 Chapter 11-1: Difficulty Increase and the Uncontrollable Super Virus(I)

Honglu was sitting there in silent contemplation. He kept playing with his hair or sighing, then looking into the distance listlessly. It was as if he had aged decades, but this little boy was obviously still over ten years old and was at odds with this aged and weighty gaze.

Honglu was himself forced to do this. He really wanted to start cursing about how he was forced. The code on Xuan’s paper was indeed cracked, and the content was in fact correct. Not only were logical sentences formed, but they also constituted the scheme Xuan wanted to hand over to them. But this scheme completely stunned Honglu.

Not discussing Xuan’s scheme for now, there was firstly, the translation of the code for Xuan’s arrangements. It pointed at a movie team China had experienced, which was indeed Starship Troopers. This wasn’t the main issue of the code. The code was left behind as Xuan wanted to conceal it from team Devil’s Xuan.

It was indeed hidden. As long as that omniscience wasn’t perfect and couldn’t know someone’s past or future, then this way...

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