Vol 23 Chapter 10-2: The Imperfect Strongest Causality-type Weapon(II)

Clone Xuan looked at the Godseal Board, saying, “In truth, the Cultivation Luo Yinglong has displayed is tremendously powerful. My original is precisely researching this might. Perhaps if given a few years, the team China we face may all have power equal, or even more than Luo Yinglong. This is true Cultivation techniques. It's not just a trick to strengthening yourself, but a science that's as careful and strict as natural science.”

When he said this, clone Xuan looked up to everyone. “Based on the message the yellow race’s Saints told us, this Godseal Board is the ultimate causality type weapon created jointly by the yellow race Saints and Cultivators. In other words, apart from the Saint’s profound understanding and manipulation of energy, it won't be lacking in the Cultivator’s rune technology either… Hmm, perhaps the Saints have similar technology as well. Anyways, the Godseal Board is only around due to the amalgamation of these two great accomplishments. I think for those present...

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