Vol 23 Chapter 10-1: The Imperfect Strongest Causality-type Weapon(I)

Team China had split into squads before entering Raccoon City. One of the squads was the main combat force for the final battle despite being only six in number, comprising of Zheng and Xuan, who were top tier in the realm. The squad’s strength was incredible, enough to forcibly go against team Devil… Of course being able to go against them didn’t guarantee victory. These were two separate matters.

The other squad were more in number and although they couldn’t quite match up to the first squad, they still had experts of various fields. They also had team China’s number two strategist Xiao Honglu. It was a team existing specially for ambushes. As long as a suitable opportunity arose, they could suddenly charge out to give a ferocious bite… and it would be one that cut to the bone.

They only needed to occupy a single missile base based on Xuan’s initial request. Occupying all wasn't necessary as while Xuan had given them a lot of the super virus, its...

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