Vol 23 Chapter 1-3: Training Begins(III)

Clone Zheng stood on God’s platform, looking relatively unchanged from before. A pair of wings on his back, with a face with an icy expression and bearing a scar. The sole difference was that the black flames on his body looked deeper. Looking at it with one’s eyes made it feel as if their soul was about to be sucked in. the black flames continuously encircled his body, expanding and contracting ceaselessly.

“Seven days left. Seven days until we can control God. We just need to pass Resident Evil: Extinction.” Luo Gando looked at God with a complicated expression, murmuring.

“But team China’s leader, that real Zheng Zha, is incredibly strong!” An Asian girl besides him suddenly opened her mouth.

Gando abruptly turned his around, with a serious look. “You used the God Sealing Board again? Those causality points weren't easily accumulated. Even I almost died a few times for those points, and you just randomly used them? You stupid woman, that’s an important weapon for the final battle!”


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