Vol 23 Chapter 1-1: Training Begins(I)

Volume 23: Final Battle of Evolution

“Not bad. This is the first time since we entered God’s Realm that we obtained so much points and ranked rewards.” Zheng was laughing stupidly below God, looking unbelievably dumb. However, everyone was looking dumbfounded at their points, so they didn’t care how stupidly Zheng was laughing. They themselves weren’t much better.

“In summary, we struck it rich this time. Hahaha, in the future we can two bowls of rice instead when we eat!” Zheng laughed exaggeratedly. Despite having the airs of an expert while battling other teams, he would completely and utterly become a normal human when he relaxed.

“What, looking at you, it’s as if you’ve never seen this much points and ranked rewards before?” Cheng Xiao said disdainfully at the side.

“Don’t say it like that. I really haven’t.” Zheng replied so.

Ignoring the idle talk for now, team China did indeed have a great harvest in this team battle. Just their basic points earned was over...

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