Vol 22 Chapter 9-2

Overall, the initiative lay with team East Sea in this engagement. After all, they had a psyche force user, and they at least wouldn’t be ambushed while moving. They also had mental and physical preparation before combat. In such a battle, if there wasn’t too much of a disparity in strength, the side without a psyche force user would almost surely lose, especially when it was a two on one.

However, this was if there wasn’t too much of a disparity in power...

Yingkong’s walking speed wasn’t too fast. She looked incomparably relaxed, going at a trot and her hands making the posture of holding a sword. When the distance between team East Sea and her was one corridor, she suddenly waved her hands, and the invisible heavy sword in her hands slashed towards the side of the corridor.

There was a soft tearing sound. The transparent heavy sword ripped through metal like it was paper, a horizontal slash actually cleaving apart the walls of the passageway. It directly crossed the wall, chopping towards the two outside the passageway.

Before Koinu Maosu could respond, Miyata Kuraki’s expression abruptly changed...

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