Vol 22 Chapter 9-1

The giant eagle team East Sea summoned was truly as swift as the wind. It was still incredibly fast carrying four people, having transversed over a hundred metres in the blink of an eye. However, this eagle was obviously suffering from the obstruction of the storm. It didn’t dare fly high, flying merely ten metres above the sea’s surface. The force of the supersonic booms produced drew a trail through the water.

Everyone silently praised the protoghost’s speed. Few would be able to dodge a sudden attack from a speedy and giant eagle like this. A mere scratch or graze would definitely turn ordinary humans into mincemeat. There were few even among God’s Realm team members who would dare face this giant eagle head-on. If the neoghost could be nurtured, one would be in the open and one would be hidden. One with forceful methods and one with insidious methods, few would be able to resist the two shikigamis.

(Our team East Sea still has a bright future. The might of the abilities from the Yamato people’s culture isn’t ordinary. It’s...

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